T.T.P.C Pick & Mix

T.T.P.C Pick & Mix


16 Melts of your choice or a random mix! What will you choose? This is the only way to get scents from multiple collections in one product.


PREMIUM SCENTS (Max 8 per box)

AK Lodge

Hitchhiking Ghosts

Hollywood 1939

Meet Me In The Fog

Pirate Waters

Phone Home 



Adventure Is Out There

Around The World

Bakery On Main St.


Bertie's Beans

Blueberry Cheesecake Mousse

Candy Store On Main St.

Chocolate Frog

Flower Store On Main St.

Giant Baby

Ice Cream Parlour On Main St.  (OUT OF STOCK)

Japan Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

Oh, Bother!

Pineapple DW



Swirl Of Orange
That Food Cart

The Blue House

The Green House

The Library

The Red House

The Yellow House



  • Information

    Contains 16 Melts

    You can choose you own or have a randomly filled box

    Please state you choices in the note section of the checkout page. If no choices are stated, a random mix will be sent.

    If you select a scent that states (LOW STOCK) and this has unfortunately gone out of stock since our daily update, we will send a replacement as similar as possible.

  • Allergens

    Due to the diverse nature of the products, all allergen information will be available upon request and a generic CLP label will be on the packaging. If you have any allergen concerns, please contact us before purchasing this product.


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