The Theme Park Collection - Collection 1

Updated: Jan 1

Well, well, well! After many months of prep and planning, launch one is finally live!

Here's a little breakdown of what we've included in this collection:

Around The World

Remember the feeling of getting your seat restraint checked before you take flight? This triple scented number will allow you to take that journey all over again.From top to bottom we have the unmistakable scent of cut grass, followed by the sweet aroma of the orange groves and finishing up with a healthy splash of sea air before you land.

Giant Baby

Now now, please don't use us a dummy. How naughty of you, Giant Baby!

Capture that puff of scent at the end of the journey with this baby powder scented melt.

Meet Me In The Fog

Experience the thrill of the fog straight from your own home. This blend of fresh, musky and spicy notes perfectly captures the ambience of the real thing. It will bring you memories of fresh air, pyrotechnic fog and that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is coming to get you.

Oh, Bother!

It's the phrase you say when runny honey gets just about everywhere, especially on your red t-shirt.

This honey scented delight floats that sweet scent all through the air and relaxes the mind with its calming notes.

Pineapple DW

The inspiration for this one is such a sweet treat, especially in that sizzling USA heat. Icy cold, sweet Pineapple and Vanilla is such a heavenly mixture. With tangy citrus notes, this Pineapple scented delight with bring a pop of summer to your home.

Phone Home

Hop on your bike and come with us on a journey to get you home.With woody & earthy notes, this blend will take you on a walk through the forest. Add in the galactic vibes and some metallic notes, you'll be looking skyward to see what you can see in space. Oh and can I borrow your phone, please?


Sivako means 'Rise to the challenge'.We challenge you to hop on that river boat, take flight from the mountains or climb the biggest tree. Light this baby up, and let the scent remind you of the 4 hour queue line. It's all part of the experience, eh?

Swirl Of Orange

Oooh, this one is super sweet, super fruity and so indulgent. Imagine being in the most magical place on earth, sitting down in the sun after a long day of queuing and dipping that spoon into the soft, icy mix.

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we teamed up @confessionsof2disneyaddicts to bring you this collection. Here's what they have to say:

"We absolutely love the new Theme Park Collection! The scents which are included in launch 1 take us back to some of our favourite times in the parks; especially 'Meet Me In The Fog'. This reminds us of the nights spent at Halloween Horror Nights walking through the scare zones and mazes! 'Pineapple DW' is by far one of our favourite snacks. The collection overall is giving us the feeling of being back in the Theme Parks we love whilst we are unable to attend them."

**Collection two - Launches August 10th**

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