The Boxing Day & January Sale Is Here!

40% off Halloween products

It's about time that these spooky scented products found a home, don't you think?

30% off discontinued products

We've decided to say farewell to one of our Theme Park scents - 'That Food Cart'. 30% off!

"What's that smell?

Is it Spring Rolls, BBQ Sauce, Tofu? Who knows! Let's follow that scents and find that food cart, it's lunchtime!"

20% off Christmas products

Well, it seems again that the most magical time of the year is over but there are still plenty of goodies to be had that will keep your home smelling festive all year round.

20% off Not-So-Perfect products

In this category we have things like Pot Shots that could do with being used up, slightly damaged wax that if still great to use and the odd candle that perhaps aren't as pretty as they should but still smell INCREDIBLE!

20% off discontinued shapes and old label products

Unicorns & Tarts

Discontinued back in August of 2020, here are a few of the last remaining items.

Old label products

We switched to new labels in July of 2020 but we didn't want these perfectly good wax products to go to waste, so 20% off it is!

10% off Not-So-Perfect products Meet Me In The Fog Pot Shot The Pot Shots in this are of the sale contain perfectly fine wax, but their pots are a little chipped to we have knocked 10% off.

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